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Regina Gregor

And R&R Wisdom

Where being is enough.


I graduated from massage school in 1989. After working consistently for 30 years, from chiropractor’s offices to backstage at concerts, I am happy to say I still loving giving massage. To bear witness to my clients finding rest and relaxation through massage is a gift, and I consider myself lucky to be a part of this process. 

In 2007, I had the good fortune to find Liz Koch and her work, Core Awareness, which explores a deeper understanding of the psoas muscle. Liz calls the psoas “The Soul of the Body.” Through her teaching I was able to connect with a greater ability to help ease my own scoliosis and to serve my clients.

Desiring to quiet the mind and move my body more, I found the practice of Essentrics in the summer of 2016 through my friend Audrey at En-er-gy Studios, I began teaching this movement class as a way to reach every joint and muscle in the body. My hope for my students is that you leave my class feeling better than when you arrived. 


Not long after, in the fall of 2017, I attended Gil Headly’s “What’s the Fuzz” Tour and my life was forever changed. The exploration of fascia and the important role it plays in our bodies (read more on fascia here) led me to the Melt Method. Sue Hitzmann’s Melt Method is a way of taking care of yourself through the fascia to live pain free in your body. It is a bridge between all of the teachings I have been studying for decades already, and I could not be more excited to bring Melt to the Sonoma Valley. I am so looking forward to sharing the tools and knowledge of the Melt Method with you so that you may in turn thrive and be in your own body without pain. 

Raised in Rough and Ready, California on a small farm, my roots are as a country girl. I feel a deep reverence and need for the movement of nature in my life. When I am not giving massage or teaching, I am spending time with my two poodles hiking through the beautiful Sonoma Valley that I love to call home.

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